Give Yourself Permission to Take a Break

Back from Oz

Back from Oz

I just returned from a few weeks visiting family in Canberra, Australia. You may have noticed the gap in blog posts!!!

It was a busy time particularly as most days were spent driving more than 20 miles, each way, from where we were staying at my niece’s to my mother’s place in the city. In the past we’ve been able to stay together in one house but due to family relocations, this is no longer possible.

One of my passions is being as healthy and fit as I can be.  Consequently, I take a portable yoga mat whenever I travel for more than a few days. I have found yoga to be of tremendous benefit, not only for mind/body balance but also for keeping my body limber and free from most aches and pains. Especially helpful as we age!

So, as usual, my yoga mat accompanied me to Australia but not once did it see the light of day. I just couldn’t seem to find the extra 30-45 minutes to get into my practice. Initially this really bothered me and I felt rather guilty.  After contemplating the issue for a few days I realized that spending quality time with my mother, whom I only see every two years, was more important.  I was letting my I should be doing yoga get the better of my I want to be spending time with Mum.

Sometimes we allow our shoulds to overcome our wants. So I gave myself permission to let go of the guilt, be in the moment, and enjoy the precious times with family. Yoga would still be there when I returned home!

Have you forgotten the last time you took a break without feeling guilty? 

The last time you were out of sorts because you felt you should be doing something else?

Don’t let guilt deprive you of life’s beautiful moments. Give yourself permission to take a break and lighten the load of guilt and frustration, replacing it with all sorts of wonderful, positive feelings like joy, fun, connection, friendship and love.

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