Tips for Healthy Work/Life Balance

Part of my business is providing work/life balance consulting services to NASA HQ. I find myself frequently talking to clients about how to get off the “hamster wheel of life” so I thought I would share a few thoughts from those conversations with you here.

The first step involves self-reflection. If you are a workaholic who is caught up in too much work and too many personal commitments here are a few questions you might want to ask yourself:

Am I being honest with myself? 
The first step in curing any addiction is an honest self-appraisal.  We all suffer from feelings of insecurity at certain times.  The workaholic deals with these feelings by proving that he/she can work harder and faster.  What insecurity is hiding behind all the running around?  Are you only worthwhile if you achieve things? 

How can I take more of a holistic approach? 
Attend to your personal as well as professional goals.  Focus on being a person first – play, laugh, dream, revive your curiosity.

Am I focusing on what is truly important to me? 
If you only had one more month to live, what would you do?  Don’t wait – do it now!

Am I living from my heart or my head?
Don’t continue to be seduced by power, money and size.  Let the less fortunate, the humble, sick, or very old teach you about matters of the heart.  They will accept you for who you are – they probably won’t be impressed by your achievements.

Do I understand that life is an ongoing project? 
Tell yourself that it’s okay not to complete everything today.  Practice leaving partially completed work on your desk.  Remember, life is a journey, not a destination.

Self reflection can sometimes take some digging to get to the core issue but it’s worth it if it leaves you one step closer to living a happier life!

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