Are You Missing a Sense of Purpose in Life?

At midlife we are more apt to move from a focus on career, success and family to needing to find a sense of purpose, a chance to make a difference, a belief that what we do matters in the world.  We still want to feel challenged but not in the same areas that were important during our younger years. We yearn for the satisfaction that comes from making an impact, however insignificant it might seem to those around us.

Take a moment to ask yourself the following questions. Write down the answers.  Even if the answers don’t come to you right now, just asking yourself the questions can get you started on the path to self discovery and how you might make a difference.  

If you were able to create anything at all, what do you really want to accomplish in life?
When, where and with whom would you want to accomplish it?
How would you know when you had achieved it – what would it look like?
What is preventing you from doing it?
Do you currently have any resources to help you start achieving that goal?
What else might you need?
Do you know how to get the resources you need?
What first step could you commit to taking right now?
How do you feel about taking that step?

Just remember, you never know when “To the world you may be one person but to one person, you may be the world!” (Anonymous)

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