It’s Never Too Late …

… to venture outside of your comfort zone, to learn something new, to make a difference in the lives of others.  If you are like many of today’s Baby Boomers, you have probably wondered whether you had the courage to “get out of that warm, comfortable cozy box”, whether you still had enough brain cells to master something you had not done before and whether it was important to contribute to the world at large.  These are issues that come up at midlife when we are driven more by internal motivation than external, when we make a shift from success to significance.

Imagine yourself in this position …

 …at the ripe old age of 82, having been home-schooled in your younger days, you decide to go to college to take classes. Although you have spent your whole life appearing in public and making speeches in front of groups ranging in size from the small to the thousands, you believe that your professional speaking skills are lacking. You have always commanded attention due to your persona but now you want to provide input on a more personal level at community hall meetings.  Believing you don’t have all the necessary skills, you begin attending weekly classes and occasional monthly labs to improve your speaking skills. 

It can take a lot of courage to admit when something isn’t working, and certainly no less so in your senior years. But isn’t it worth it to live a more authentic life; don’t you deserve to take a more active role in living!  So if you think it’s too late, perhaps it’s time to think again and take another look at what is going to fulfill you, make you come alive and live up to your potential.

If you find you need a guide to help you discover your passions, those things that are most important to you, or you need support on the journey of becoming a more “authentic you”, please visit me at or email at evelin(at)

PS  In case you are wondering who the 82-year old is … it’s HRH Queen Elizabeth 2 and yes, this is a true story.

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