Midlife Health: Herbal Energy Tonics

Rhodiola Rosea


In this fast-paced world I frequently hear comments such as “I’m so tired even though I get enough sleep” or “my energy levels aren’t what they used to be” or “why can’t I keep up?”. 

Is there something we can do about low energy, feeling weak or mentally fuzzy?

There is if we explore the world of herbal adaptogens.  This is a relatively new concept in the Western world but has been the basis of the preventative approach to health and wellness in the East.  Adaptogens work in such a way as to improve the body’s adaptability.  That is, they counteract physical and emotional stress by helping the body “around” the problem via the support of glands and other functions. They give the body a “tune-up”, in a broad spectrum way, helping many conditions without overpowering the cells as many drugs do.  Read on to find out which one may be right for you.

Rhodiola Rosea is an ancient folk remedy promoted by scientists in the former Soviet Union to boost the performance of Olympic athletes and astronauts. It increases energy and stamina, enhances alertness and concentration and can help fuzzy memory.

Panax Ginseng promotes regeneration from stress and fatigue and rebuilds strength. If a person is overworked and stressed out, ginseng can help. It is more effective taken over several months than in short-term doses.

Siberian Eleuthero improves physical and mental performance as well as boosting the immune system. A long-term energy tonic for the adrenal glands and the circulation.

Schisandra protects the liver, improves cognitive function, reduces irritability and helps to promote sleep.  It works synergistically with Eleuthero against stress, weight gain and fatigue.

Ashwagandha has been cultivated in India and the Middle East for centuries.  It improves stamina and immune function, combats stress and anxiety and shows antioxidant and mood-elevating properties.

Reishi Mushrooms are considered the “elixir of life” in traditional Chinese medicine. They are traditionally used as a health and energy tonic, boosting immunity, easing allergies, regulating blood sugar and helping the liver regenerate.

All material is provided for informational or educational purposes only. Consult a physician regarding the applicability of any opinions or recommendations with respect to your symptoms or condition

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