Blueprint for Change: To Grow or Not to Grow!

Optimal growth increases the development of self, while lack of growth produces a sense of worthlessness accompanied by strong feelings of self-blame.

Doubt is a killer. It serves no purpose.  It will not help you in moving forward but rather keep you stuck or moving backwards. More often than not you will become the victim of paralysis – frozen in the “checkmate” position.

In order to achieve the success you want in life, you must say “no” when doubt rears its head.  Believe in the words “I can” and you will find yourself moving forward once again.

If you’re not sure whether or not you are growing, ask yourself how often the following “non-growth” thoughts come to your mind:

I feel a sense of worthlessness
I can’t keep up with change
I am a failure
I lack confidence
I am a marginal performer
I can’t forgive myself
I’m afraid to try new things
I do little to correct my faults
I have mistakes to make up for
I avoid new situations
I have a defeatist attitude towards most situations
I don’t take responsibility for my own life
I have a pessimistic view of the future
I have difficulty setting future goals
I blame myself all the time
I am disgusted when I look in the mirror
I associate with people into self-blame
Everyone else can do a better job than I can

Individual growth depends on a belief in progress.  If you believe you can improve yourself, believe you have the potential to learn and believe you can overcome your faults, you allow great growth and self-development to occur.

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