Passion Deficit Disorder: Did You Miss a Day of Practice?

If I miss one day’s practice, I notice it.
If I miss two day’s, the critics notice it.
If I miss three days, the audience notices it.
— Ignacy Paderewski, Concert Pianist

Practice Makes Perfect!

Practice Makes Perfect!

It takes practice to follow your passions. We often get so caught up in getting the next thing done that we don’t stop and ask ourselves if what we’re doing is in line with our passions. Yes, you may have to miss a day’s practice but do you then remember to get back on track!  Do you continue to ask yourself “is what I’m doing going to take me closer to, or further away from, my passions … those things that I say are truly important to me?”

Missing a day, or even two, of practice is not about beating yourself up and feeling guilty.  It’s just information. It’s a message that you’ve taken a fork in the road you didn’t intend to. We all get lost from time to time.  Don’t waste your energy on feeling guilty … use that energy to pick up where you left off and take the next step towards finding meaning and fulfillment.

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