When I’ve been Unsuccessful, I’ve been Controlled …

When I’ve been unsuccessful, I’ve been controlled. When I’ve been successful, I’ve been in control – Katherine Hepburn

Questions to Ask Yourself…

  • If your life is out of control, who or what is “calling the shots”?  (You may not be able to abdicate your responsibilities, but you can control the way you view them)
  • Why are you allowing the who or what to control you?  (You must be gaining some benefit by allowing this to happen. If you weren’t getting something out of it, you would change it)
  • What will happen if you take back control?   (It may not be as bad as you think)
  • Do you know what taking back control looks like?  (Clarity is the first step)

Action Steps

  • Decide on what the most important thing in your life is right now.
  • Take just one step that will give you back some control and then follow it up with more small steps.
  • Understand that it’s YOUR choice.

You can’t ignore external life situations but you’ll never be successful if you allow them to control your thoughts and emotions. Blaming them for your success or failure is like waking up in the morning and asking someone else how you should feel.

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