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Pay It Forward in Midlife

The first half of our lives is usually about US – careers, success, family, the big house, the new car.  During the second half of our lives we realize that giving back is more important – helping others, the environment and the planet. When I came across this quote today, it seemed to say it all!!!

May I be a passage of life-enhancing virtues:
Compassion, love, peace, and happiness
Harmony, courage, encouragement;
Truth, trust, comfort and support,
Health, wellbeing and wisdom.
That I may generate, nurture, and multiply these virtues
Like golden flowers in my inner-garden,
And hand them to all beings I encounter
In order to help enhance the quality of their lives.
In further hopes that some of these beings will decide
to nurture and multiply these virtues as well
And pass them on to others.
— Bhavatu Sabba Mangalam

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