Midlife Stress: The Need for Approval Leads to Indecision

Here is the fourth post in my series of “are you plagued by stressful thinking patterns?”

Do you find yourself procrastinating frequently and unable to make decisions? A possible reason may be your need for approval.  Perhaps you need acceptance and permission from others so that you can feel comfortable in decision-making and daily living. The degree of the need for approval ranges from being self-sufficient to being dependent.  The more you need approval for your actions, the more dependent you become on others to determine your self-worth.

How many of the following statements are true for you?

  • I harbor insecurities
  • I am over cautious
  • I seem wishy-washy
  • I imitate others
  • I am reluctant to try anything new
  • I have many fears
  • I appear anxious
  • I need to put on a false front
  • I tend to tell people what I think they want to hear
  • I work hard for the approval of others
  • I worry about whether people like to be with me
  • I bend over backwards to please others
  • I find it difficult to take control of my own life
  • I worry about being rejected by others
  • I always follow, never lead
  • I fear risk-taking
  • I fear making mistakes
  • I am filled with self-pity
  • I negate my own ideas
  • I accomplish little on my own
  • I have a limited social life

Any of these statements make an excellent starting point for EFT. If you would like help in getting rid of your need for approval, contact me at evelin(AT)blueprints4change.com or visit my website http://www.blueprints4change.com

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