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Loss of a Loved One

With Veteran’s Day just behind us, the killings at Ft. Hood and in Orlando plus the scores of others who have lost their lives recently, I thought I would share a poem my husband wrote some years ago when a close friend of his committed suicide. 


If you have lost someone close to you, may these words remind you of the gifts that person shared with you and the world.



We Miss Him


Our Lives are puzzles that constantly grow

          Each piece a person –

each person we know.

And when one falls out we wonder how

          The place will be filled –

that is empty now.



There is pain in the place where he used to be

          We’re left in this world –

his soul is now free.

We know the ache will in time go away

          If only we can bear it –

through the rest of this day.



We’ll not forget his style and his grace.

We’ll remember well –

                                                his manner, his face,

We’ll recall him always in our list of those

          Who touch our lives –

                                                our hearts, our souls.



We leave this world as God has arranged

          He that has passed before –

                                                leaves the rest of us changed.

Better for knowing God’s unique expression

          That through this person –

                                                God left His impression.


William J. Guinan



Here’s a moving Veteran’s Day video – A Pittance of Time

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