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Baby Boomer Health: Migraine Headaches – A Case History

“Mary” came to see me to discuss an ongoing health challenge. While discussing this issue, she also complained that she was in the process of getting another migraine headache and added that she would shortly have to take her drugs or she would become severely incapacitated. 

She agreed to try EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) to alleviate her symptoms.  We spent some time tapping on a number of aspects including “this feeling in my head”, “this tightness in my shoulder”, “this coming migraine”, etc. After 10 minutes she no longer had any sense of an oncoming migraine headache.  She took no drugs and had not had a headache some two to three weeks later.

Having worked with thousands of people, Caroline Myss, Ph.D, a medical intuitive, gives an energy analysis of migraine headaches by describing them as developing in response to an attempt to control one’s emotional reactions of anger, frustration, rage or other emotions containing the same type of energy. The control refers to the individual trying to prevent an emotional explosion from occurring externally and so it occurs internally. 

The need to control is the major characteristic of people prone to migraines. Since women are more prone to internalize their reactions, it is not surprising that they are more affected by these headaches.  Additionally, most physicians recognize that migraine sufferers tend to be compulsively neat and tend towards perfectionism. These traits can also lead to other types of headaches.

If you are prone to migraines, ask yourself:

  • What am I trying to control?
  • What emotion do I want to keep inside?
  • What happened that made me think I’m not perfect?
  • What am I angry or frustrated at?
  • Do I have a pattern of this emotion and/or the migraines/headaches?
  • What is making me want to explode?
  • What tension am I allowing to building up inside me?

Not only may the answers prove to be insightful as to your “hot buttons”, but you may be able to avert a future migraine episode by using EFT.  If you would like to learn more about EFT, please contact me at

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