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Change Your Mind, Change Your Body

This past weekend I spent a lot of time on the phone, due in large part to the fact that my mother-in-law was having lung cancer surgery (for a tumor larger in size than a table tennis ball) in Omaha.  If you’ve had a parent with a life-threatening illness, I’m sure you can relate.

Since learning of the diagnosis a couple of months ago, my husband, Bill, has traveled to Omaha a few times in order to help mom have the best possible outcome from the surgery. How?  By teaching her self-hypnosis, visualization and EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques).  And that’s saying A LOT, for a lawyer!  But, you see, he is also a gift healer. 

Some of the suggestions he gave her related to minimal bleeding, fast recovery, least amount of pain, minimal discomfort, no fear or anxiety and surprising the doctors with “perfect” test results, etc.  So how did it go?

  • Before the surgery she was not afraid or worried, didn’t lose any sleep and never had a concern about the outcome – in her words, it was “the most amazing thing”
  • There was very little bleeding during the surgery
  • Instead of having to spend a number of days in intensive care, she was out of there within a day
  • She was on solid food within 24 hours instead of on a liquid diet for a few days
  • She didn’t even notice when the pain control drip came out and she was only receiving a fraction of the amount she should have been
  • The doctors were amazed at her speedy recovery
  • The staff called her “their prize patient”

Her recovery would have been fantastic for a woman in her fifties but here she is in her early eighties!

I’m writing this to show you how incredibly powerful the mind is.  We can use it to heal ourselves if we have the focus, concentration and belief.  One of my favorite books is The Biology of Belief: Unleashing the Power of Consciousness, Matter, & Miracles by Bruce Lipton, Ph.D.  In this book Dr Lipton discusses the latest research in cellular biology and quantum physics showing that our bodies can be changed if we change our thinking.  It’s only our erroneous beliefs that hold us back from living the life we dream of.

How do we change our beliefs?  You can do this in a number of different ways but the most incredible tool I have found is EFT. It’s my belief that EFT is the “medicine” of the future.  I’ve seen it change the lives of many of my clients.

To learn more about how it can impact your life, click on the link below and visit the World Center for EFT –  Then read some of the phenomenal case histories and download the free manual, a gift from Gary Craig, the creator of EFT.  It may change your life!

Self-Hypnosis to Conquer Fear of Midlife Change

Life is full of changes but as we move into our 40s and 50s, we seem to become even more immersed in change. Our bodies are changing, jobs may change, children move out of the house, spouses leave and even our interests change. Change is frightening and if we let them, our negative thoughts can take over. We can end up being paralyzed by fear.

One way to combat fear is to learn self-hypnosis and install positive suggestions in the subconscious. Much of our self-talk tends to be negative. Thoughts and self suggestions such as the following will ensure that we don’t achieve what we want in life and that the changes we want to make will not happen:

I can’t (the one we use the most)
I’ll never get it right
I’m sure to fail
This will never work
I’m not good enough
I’m not bright enough
I’m too fat [or tall or thin]
I’m an idiot

People who are successful use positive self-hypnosis and suggestions such as:

I can (the most important one of all)
I am good 
I’m skilled
I’m an intelligent person
I deserve the best
I know how to do it
I am achieving my goal

Installing positive self-hypnosis into the subconscious is the key to achieving success. The process is simple …

Find a quiet and comfortable place where you won’t be disturbed for at least 15 minutes. Think about any affirmation (such as a suggestion from the list above) you might want to use. Close your eyes and begin to visualize your whole body relaxing from the top of the head all the way down to the toes. Slow down your breathing. Go through each part of the body giving it a gentle command to “relax” as you continue to breathe slowly.  You might even imagine yourself at your favorite place, somewhere you feel completely at peace, safe and comfortable.  When you feel you have reached a level of relaxation that is appropriate for you, repeat (in your mind) the affirmation you have selected.  Repeat the phrase or word at least 10-20 times, take a few more deep breaths and then gently return to wherever you are. Open your eyes and feel how relaxed you are.

Your imagination is a powerful tool.  Use it to create the life you want and make the changes YOU choose.

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